Protesting in the time of Coronavirus

Published on: 5th of September, 2020

Protesters at 'Move one Million'

5 SEPTEMBER 2020: In a time where large gatherings are tricky, protesting across the UK has been in conflict with COVID guidelines, but is there a way you can manage this? The Move One Million protest took place on Saturday 5 September in Trafalgar square with c.600 people taking part. All participants were tracked using checkincognito and each household stood at a suitable distance apart whilst wearing facemasks.

Move One Million is a protest against the culture of corruption in South Africa with an aim of getting one million people protesting across the world at the same time. Despite regulations against having large gatherings in the UK, the participants of the protest for Move One Million felt that the message was too important not to be heard.

At a time where large public gatherings are against current regulations, the ability to exercise the right to protest has been put at risk. By creating a safe environment in which peaceful protests can take place, the ability to stand up for beliefs can be managed and executed within the parameters of current guidance.

checkincognito is committed to supporting people in the UK by providing an easy contact tracing solution with privacy at its heart, helping to protect personal data and control Coronavirus. Visitors scan a QR code upon entry to a venue. Visit data is kept centrally and only released to the event organisers, Track and Trace or local authorities in the event of COVID-19 exposure.

checkincognito’s mission is to provide consumer centric, accurate visitor registration. While already used in hundreds of pubs and restaurants across the UK, they support the right for those who feel strongly about social and political movements to attend such events as Move One Million in the knowledge that they are following Government guidelines by tracking movements and knowing that their data will remain secure.

Adriaan Brink, CEO of checkincognito, said: “We not only feel strongly about supporting the Move One Million movement but also supporting those who want to stand up for their beliefs. We are proud to have supported the Trafalgar Square protest by providing a convenient and secure solution for tracking those who attended. We believe that this is something that could be rolled out across a number of events throughout the UK and look forward to working with local authorities to continue to enhance our robust solution.”

Hayley Reicheit, organiser of Move One Million, London, said: “With the U.K government severely clamping down on protesters in light of Covid-19 and thereby forcefully restricting freedom of speech, we implemented extremely strict measures including the use of checkincognito track and trace. Many attendees informed us that the London Metropolitan police present thought it was the most well executed protest of Summer 2020. Adriaan and his team registered 584 people, around 90% of our attendees, in a quick efficient manner. We believe this could be a key element in assisting police to allow for freedom of speech through carefully controlled and socially distanced protests.”