checkincognito removes monthly fees

Published on: 24th of September, 2020

The NHS app becomes available tomorrow and users will be able to scan the NHS QR code at venues. Please note that this is a different style of QR code to the one that we use at checkincognito and can only be scanned by the NHS app. It will not work (as ours does) with the camera’s normal QR scan ability. Anyone who does not have the NHS app will not be able to scan the code and will then need to be recorded using a system such as checkincognito. The requirement to record visit details is waived for NHS app users but not for any other visitors.

We appreciate that all this causes some confusion, and that there will be a period of time while the public installs the NHS app and the level of installation becomes clear. It is probable that there will be a percentage of people who either cannot or will not install the NHS app so the requirement to collect details will remain for at least a period of time. We also appreciate that times are tough in the sector with the new reduced operating hours and processes.

In light of the above we have decided to waive monthly fees for checkincognito effective immediately. Invoices for periods starting after 22 September will be reversed and no further invoices will be issued until the end of October at which point we will re-assess the situation. We would appreciate settlement of unpaid invoices for periods starting prior to 22 September.

I wish all our customers the very best and hope that you manage to weather the coming months and come out the other side in good shape. From our side we will continue to support and improve the system.